04 June 2009


May was full of a few "firsts" for Jayden.

First steps (sorry the camera was turned the wrong way and i can't remember how to fix it :) )

First black-eye (happened on daddy's watch)

first time she ate a flower, yummy tulips

and her first BIRTHDAY!!!

she doesn't like the hat, but landon wants her to wear it anyway


the giant cupcake cake . . . my masterpiece :)the birthday girl getting ready for cake

yeah, that's about it . . . i fed her a couple of bites hoping to tempt her to dig in, but it was a no go . . . all she did was spit and wave her hands trying to get the frosting off her hands when she actually touched the cake. she's always full of surprises.


she loves her little cd player, it's cute to watch her carry it around and she hasn't messed with ours since she got her own

thanks for the swimsuits nana, watch out florida here we come

just enjoying all of the attention

i love her expression in this picture . . . she got tired of opening this one, but once lauren started opening it she got excited again


Carol said...

I love that cake! How did you make it? I want to copy it for Addison's first birthday, which isn't until December, so no rush.

JoAnna said...

FUN FUN FUN!! So many great pics. Lauren looks gorgeous for her recital. The giant cupcake is AMAZING! Dying that Jayden didn't eat any of it. Your fam is so completely adorable.