30 November 2008

Why do kids cut their hair?

One evening not too long ago I was sitting in bed preparing for a talk I had to give in church the next day; Jonathan and Lauren were downstairs playing and Landon was upstairs with me playing on the floor. I thought things were going well until Lauren bounced into the room and asked, "Is today a good day for Jonathan to cut my hair?" I looked up from what I was typing on the computer and when I saw her hair I yelled, "NOOOOOOOOOO!" but it was already too late-the deed had been done.

I was angry with Jonathan for a few minutes, but while it was a really dumb thing to do, he did it because she asked him to - her hair kept getting in her eyes and it was bugging her. So he cut her bangs, cut her hair above her ears, cut the hair at the crown of her head, and cut off half of the back . . . I wish I had taken pictures, but in the moment I was too emotional . . .

I took her to have it fixed and the sweet girl cutting her hair salvaged as much as she could and made it look much better, but it is soooo short. I have to make her wear a ribbon otherwise she looks like one of my boys. Still, it works for her and she is adorable no matter what.

I still feel sad every now and then- it was fun doing the pigtails and ponytails, pulling it into a little bun for dance class. I had just gotten a small curling iron so that I could curl her hair into little ringlets, . . . it was getting long enough to french braid with a lot of work . . . I have waited so long for it to be long enough to play with . . .but like Lauren told me after Jonathan cut it, "It's just hair, it will grow back." Such wisdom from one so young.

I love you 'La La.' Hair or no hair you are a beautiful little girl. And if an unwanted haircut is the biggest "problem" we have to endure then we are very blessed indeed.