04 June 2009


well, the boys went on a campout with daddy and lauren was a little sad to be left behind, so we (nana, lauren, jayden and i) decided to have a girl's night. we did a little shopping, ate out, baked jayden's birthday cake, let lauren paint our nails, and watched "bride wars" (well nana jayden, and i did, lauren was sleeping). . . it was a fun night and i look forward to many more father/son campouts. :)

me and my girls


Lauren and Nana

Me and my sweet Jay-Jay

Lauren painting our nails . . . it was her first time

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Alicia said...

what a fun idea a girls night for the kids. You are such a fun mom Lindsay! So did you like Bride Wars..? I was thinking about watching it. Looks like a fun night.